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International Cooperation


        BIE is a liaison center of APEID (the Asia and Pacific Programs of Educational Innovation for Development), and a member of the UNESO club in Beijing. BIE pays special attention to international exchange and cooperation, and has established academic exchange and cooperation programs with about 30 educational institutions in more than 20 countries such as the United States, Russia, Great Britain, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Russia in the form of short-term visit, teacher and student exchange, cooperative training, cooperative school running, cooperative research and international symposium; the international cooperation covers higher education, primary and secondary school education, education for preschool children, teacher education and vocational education.. The academic exchange and cooperation programs cover such areas as programs for cooperative training of school administrators and teachers both in China and abroad, programs for educational exchange visits by school administrators, teachers and students, programs for cooperative educational research, and organizing international conference on education. By the year 2012, BIE has organized 12 annual meetings of the “China-US International Conference on Education” and 5 conferences on “the Application and Research on Multiple Intelligences”.

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